Monday, January 20, 2014

More of Everything

Hello Dear Friends!

Thank you so much for the very kind welcome back! It feels good to be in blogland again. I need to spend some time with my bloglovin account and add some blogs back into it (I had cleared it all out a while ago.) I still miss google reader.

The new year had me wanting to get the list of knitting wip's whittled down. I've managed to get two crossed off.

I finished my Colorado shawl, knit with some rustic 2-ply Colorado homespun purchased at the Taos Wool Festival many moons ago. The yarn and pattern felt like they were meant for each other. And the simple and lovely and clever! Wendy doesn't recommend blocking the finished shawl, but I felt like my yarn could use it and I was right. It bloomed beautifully, and while it's still very "rustic" feeling, it isn't quite as scratchy.

Colorado shawl
pattern: Colorado Spring by Wendy D. Johnson
yarn: 2-ply Colorado Homespun
 I finished my Christmas socks a wee bit after the holidays. I have easily knit a couple hundred pair of socks, but I still get a little giddy with a newly finished pair.

Roman Holiday socks
pattern: Blueberry Waffle by Sandy Turner
yarn: Regia
And...I actually crossed a few stitches! I cleaned out my drawers (2!) of cross stitch wip's and came across this one that only had a few stripes left to do. Hopefully I'll get it sewn into a little pillow to add to my patriotic basket this year :)
flag motif
pattern: Summer Patches by Plain & Fancy Collection
fabric: 28ct "staci-dyed" linen
fibers: WDW brick and whiskey, GAST uniform blue, coffee dyed DMC

As I said, I cleaned out my cross stitch wip's: tossing some projects, reclaiming linen from others and organizing what remained. I pulled out a couple that I hope to work on here and there, fingers crossed :)
So what do I mean by "more of everything"? I hope to knit more stash yarn, do more cross stitch and embroidery, read more, and continue to do more cleaning and organizing. And just appreciating everything a little bit more :)

Thanks for stopping by my neck of the woods. Sending you all a little Colorado Sunshine!


Michele said...

I always love seeing what you've been knitting .. love scarf/shawl and those socks are so cute!

Cross stitching! woo hoo :) great flag!

Congrats to your Broncos!!!

Annie said...

Beautiful knitting. Love that shawl! It's about to get super-cold where I am and that looks so snuggly!

And even some x'es! Glad to see you back in the game.

diamondc said...

Good to see you blogging again, the shawl is stunning, maybe I will learn to knit someday.
The socks are a hoot, the American
Flag is beautiful I look forward to seeing the pillow.

Happy Blogging


Joanie said...

Hi Staci, it's great to see you blogging! I love your little flag and oh my, seeing your knitting makes me want to learn. I'm envious!

Glad your back!

Julie said...

Great pair of socks.

Clare-Aimetu said...

We could do with the sunshine, it's a bit nippy here in the UK

I love the socks - good luck with your WIPs

Carol said...

It's great to see those lovely projects of yours again, Staci. I'm not a knitter, but your creations always look so professional... Good luck with you "more of everything" year!

Vonna Pfeiffer said...

I think of you often Staci, and was very surprised, pleasantly surprised to see you blog! YAY! A warm welcome :)

valerie said...

I'm so happy that you are blogging again! Love your shawl and fun socks. And your patriotic small is a cute one. Hope you find the time to keep those needles busy. :)

Catherine said...

Love, love, love that shawl and those socks!!!

Andrea said...

Beautiful knitting. The socks are wonderful! Great stitching too. Looking forward to lots of everything.

Brigitte said...

Your knitting is excellent as always. And you are stitching again. Great to see your new finished project. And it will be great to see all your other WIps that you kept and will continue on them.

Melanie said...

No blocking? Every thing has to be blocked. Yarn is so much better after. The shawl is just lovely. Very cozy looking.

Nice pics of everything. :)

I moved over to Feedly. It was an adjustment at first but I really like it now. It can't be beat for reading stuff on a iPad, just flicking through like pages of a book that way. (Not so much for COMMENTING on a iPad though. That is still a little tricky.)

Marie said...

I am stuck on "I easily knit a couple hundred pairs" Yikes! I knit a total of three, back in 2007-08, and gave up on socks. yours are perfect!

Love the Shawl.

You certainly are productive.

Charlene ♥ NC said...

I'm certainly looking forward to seeing More of Everything. I'm so curious about the orange knit project in your sidebar. Are you making lace?

Sharon said...

Your knitting is always beautiful! Nice to see some x's crossed too ;-)