Friday, March 28, 2008

F&S for Shelley P

Shelley let me know that she received the Earth Day squares I stitched for her, I'm glad that she likes them. They were a fun stitch :)

Fair and Square: Earth Day Round

pattern: Prairie Schooler #77, Summer Samplers

fabric: 32ct lambswool jobelyn

fibers: DMC

The kiddos are off for spring break and hubby took a couple of days off next week, so we'll see what kind of fun and trouble we can find!!!

Tomorrow is your last chance to sign up for the spring giveaway......leave a comment on Easter Sunday's post if you want your name in! Have a great weekend everyone!


cathymk said...

Such a lovely pair of squares. Great work!

Hazel said...

Lovely squares. It amazes me how everyone seems to get their lettering nice and straight and even!! DH ordered me the book!! You are one naughty enabler. xx

Anita said...

Your squares are very pretty. You have a wonderful blog with lot of pretty stitching.

Novice Stitcher said...

Staci, these are so pretty - perfect to capture the spirit of Earth Day. And don't tell me you have trouble centering things - the back is perfect! I love how creative you are.

Kim B said...

These look great! What perfect Earth Day squares!

lena-lou said...

These are great Quilt Squares!!

Hope you and your family all have a nice time being off together and have lots of fun :-))

We are having later school Easter holidays this year, I think my area is different to the rest of England for that!! Seems Easter was too early for us to be allowed off !!

tkdchick said...

What a great square!

Sharon said...

Very pretty square!

Jennifer/OH said...

Totally off the topic of your current post, but where in the world did you find those floss rings? I have found every other sort of ring possible at the craft shop (Hobby Lobby) but none of these hinged rings that open.