Saturday, July 26, 2008

Quaker me happy!

I finally finished my Quaker sampler into a pinkeep, and I'm lovin' it!

Quaker 2008 freebie

by Gazette94, found here

fabric: "staci-dyed" 32ct evenweave

fiber: WDW, Swampwater

I knew my favorite quilt shop would have the perfect fabric! It's really hard to catch the colors of this batik, so you'll just have to take my word that it really does match Swampwater perfectly :)


The pearls and gold beads are recycled from a piece of costume jewelry...a very 80's necklace, lol!

Thank you everyone for your wonderful compliments on "By the Grace of God"! Here are my alternative WDW colors:

Olde Willow/Weeks Dye Works

212/Raspberry Parfait
220/DMC 310
230/Dark Chocolate

Hope you're having a great weekend everyone, Happy Stitching!


Petra said...

what a wonderful piece...the fabric matches perfect. =)

Karrie said...

Lovely pinkeep! That's a great idea to recycle beads from costume jewellery :)

Creative Chaos said...

Just love your pinkeep !!! That design is on my to do list too :-)
Is it okey if i add you on my sidebar ??
Patti xx

karenv said...

It looks great, congratulations!

Stephanie said...

Gorgeous pinkeep Staci, you've done a brilliant job as usual in finishing it :)

Anna van Schurman said...

Great idea to recycle the necklace. I've got the perfect one too...

Rima said...

Now that is super cute. I really like how neat you work always turns out.

cathymk said...

What a gorgeous pinkeep Staci! Beautiful!

Dora said...

It's just beautiful! I love the rick rack finishing.

Katrina said...

Gorgeous piece and the fabric is perfect.

Sandra Ree said...

You've got a gift when it comes to stitching Staci! Beautiful pinkeep!

Angela said...

Beautiful Quaker piece, thanks for the color conversions too!

Barbara said...

It's perfect, Staci - everything about it is absolutely PERFECT!

gazette94 said...

Congratulations ! you made such a beautiful work ! I now have a blog with more patterns !
Friendly yours

Susimac said...

Its perfect!

Crazee4books said...

Hi Staci,

My goodness. Every time I come
for a visit your blog is full of
the most beautiful things. It's
hard to know where to begin...

I love the Quaker Christmas
Smalls design that Edgar stitched
and finished for you. It is so
lovely. I have this pattern too.
I'm going to have to get it out
and do something with it, after
seeing this piece.

And Terry's ornament is just
amazing. The sparkly fabric,
the lovely blue beads, the
pretty threads, it's all good!

The Summer F&S from Heidi turned
out beautifully too. She used a
pretty thread colour, and the
whole design is so dainty.

You know, I like your version of
By the Grace of God, with your
choice of thread colours, better
then the model of this design.
I like the bolder colours, and
the way they make this design
just POP! It's beautifully
framed too.

And your Quaker freebie is
wonderful, even if it is
stitched with
water?? Um..well...anyways..
it is a fantastic design and
your pin keep finish is
great. The little beads and
pearls are a neat way to
re purpose old costume jewelery.
The backing fabric is pretty
cool too.

Congratulations on being
nominated for the Kreativ
Blogger award. I would have
thought of you immediately
for it too.


Connie B said...

Nice job!!

Julianne said...

Love your quaker and the finishing is perfect.

Annie said...

What a beauty. You have such a good eye for picking the right fabric and finishing technique. I love it.

Melissa said...

Your pinkeep is beautiful! I love your pins that you made for it. Great job!

Michele said...

I love your pinkeep! The pins are perfect .. great recyle idea!

Sharon said...

How lovely! Beautiful job!

~Julie~ said...

Staci it is a lovely pynkeep!! I still haven't managed to get 'gutsy' enough to attempt one of these, but I keep seeing them and wanting to. lol You did indeed choose the perfect fabric for the piece, and I really like the flossies you used as well!


Yuko said...

Staci, this is absolutely stunning!
How talented you are, Staci!
I might stitch this, too and if I did, I would make it into pinkeep, too!

Marie-P said...

Thanks for the link to this great design. Your Pinkeep is gorgeous a and I love your hand-dyed fabric.

Andrea said...

Wonderful pinkeep. The backing fabric matches perfectly.

Big Sis :) said...

When C saw the pics, he said he liked the colors and the look of this one...What a guy!!!
Just thought that would give you a chuckle :)
I'm off the computer for the rest of the day now...gotta get something done around here, Ha :) I'm getting company from NE tomorrow!!!

Nicole said...

Beautiful finish Staci! You're blog is such an inspiration to me!

Cathy B said...

Your pinkeep looks great!

Stitches 'N' Stones said...

Great job, I think Swampwater was a perfect choice for this quaker.

Jessie said...

Love the colour, makes it looks elegant and delicate!

"Magnolia" said...

The fabric you chose to back that gorgeous piece is just perfect! Love the beads!!!

Joy said...

Congratulations on a beautiful finish! Also, I have nominated you for a Brillante Weblog! You are one of many who inspire me to try different finishes...thank you! Please visit my weblog for award info.

Stitchingranny said...

This is a lovely piece and I adore the use of the recycled beads. A way of adding an old treasure to a future one.

Erynne said...

Beautiful pinkeep!
I'm thoroughly enjoying your blog much to much to, I could have fun for hours!

Erynne :o)

Kim B said...

Your pinkeep finished up beautifully!!

Brigitte said...

Staci, I loe this little Quaker freebie very much. Have seen it stitched several times and want to stitch it myself now. Thanks for sharing the pattern.

Julie said...

Beautiful Staci! I love the use of black threads, I wouldn't have thought to stitch anything all in black, but I now love the idea.
I have a lot of beads for a temporary beading obsession - a mistake and I've been meaning to work them into stitched pieces some how, now I have know how to!

Sally said...

That is a truly beautiful pinkeep Staci:)

Kathy said...

Love your quaker pinkeep. Swampwater is one of our favorite colors. The use of the beads from old jewelry is a great idea.