Monday, August 25, 2008

On today's Monday Post

I was reading An's post yesterday about how she hadn't stitched much LHN. Funny enough, neither have I. And nothing for me. And this is the first LHN fruit threadpack that I've stitched (ok I admit it, it's the only one I even have...gasp!) I know that's quite a I'll save my how I don't have any of the Prairie Schooler fall patterns (yet) for another day :)

This thread pack was bought specifically to be a birthday present for my mom. I think it's sweet. Her birthday isn't till Sunday, we're celebrating it on Saturday~~but she hardly ever checks my blog so I'm unveiling it early because I have a terrible time waiting, lol ;)

by Little House Needleworks
fabric: 32ct raw linen
fibers: Crescent Colors

(a perfectly matching fabric from my stash!!!
but dang it's hard to line up stripes!)

(and ribbons from my stash too,
can we all stand up and cheer now?!?!)

And my mom's b-day gifts.
She said "I don't want or need anything"...
do ya think she'll give it all back to me???

Thanks for visiting me and for all of your wonderful, day-brightening comments! Happy Stitching :)


Big Sis said...

Ooooh pretties for Mom! She'll love them :) Watch this will be the day she'll check out your blog??...Hope not!!! They both look wonderful! Love the pinkeep...and Mom will love the socks too! Cute little award too. I've seen that on some scrapbooking sites. Have a wonderful day...guess I better get to figuring what I'm gonna get Mom now??!! I'm sure not gonna make anything! Well she did say she wants a lemon cake with lemon icing??? I thought she'd want something Choc. guess I better go find a great recipe!
Hugs :)

Michele B. said...

I love your watermelon gift pinkeep, and that's saying a lot since I dislike watermelon intensely (ever since I won a watermelon-eating contest in 6th grade - I had my fill for a lifetime!) I'll bet your mom will want to keep her daughter's handiwork, just like I treasure my floss tag.

Nic said...

What a lovely finish - and your stash fabby matches wonderfully! It's always great when that happens :o)

Delphyne said...

That is so lovely! I love the fabric and finish.

Sheila said...

What a perfect match with the fabric and ribbon - a great gift for your mother.

CJ said...

How cute!! The colors are beautiful, makes me crave watermelon.


Wendy said...

Hey, lovely gift for your Mom's birthday! I stitched this one up recently and that watermelon looks good enough to eat.

Vonna said...

It is spectacular...if she gives it back can I have it? LOL!
I love the fabric you stitched it on...good going YOU!

Crazee4books said...

Hi Staci,

Your Mom is going to love this
pin keep you've made for her. It
is just beautiful. And you've
finished it off so nicely with
a nice complimentary fabric and

I guess we all have our own
favourite designers who's
patterns call out louder to us
then any of the others.

I love these little thread packs/chart sets and I've
stitched a few. I think my favourite is Blueberry. The
blue thread used in this one
is scrumptious!

Those fancy eyelets are just
wonderful, and the little
floss tag looks so cute with
that one with the hearts on it.
I love it when a stitcher
finds a way to incorporate
new elements into their
finishes. Bet you've started
something now.

The new socks you're stitching
with the Lion Brand yarn are
going to be so wonderful when
they're done. Love those
Fall like colours.

You don't have any Prairie
Schooler Fall designs either??
Gasp!! OMG!! (Faints in

Ginny said...

I love LHN, but I don't think I've seen this design. You did a great job, and the finishing is wonderful! Hope your mom enjoys her special gift.

Yuko said...

Hi Staci,
Your pinkeep is SO lovely~!!
The backing fabric is perfect match as you say!!
I think I had this thread pack in my stash, too, lol I don't remember... haha
Anyway, I LOVE this so much!
I'm sure your mom will love them!!

Sonda in OR said...

You did a lovely job with this...I bet your mom loves it!

Loreta said...

Wow! Your pinkeep is very beautiful!I like your choise of backing fabric! Nice gift for mom:)

Nancy said...

What beautiful presents for your Mom! I love the pinkeep, and the fabric and ribbons are the perfect touch. Hope she has a very happy one!

Missy Ann said...

Socks & watermelon. Awesome birthday IMHO. Hope mom loves them, I know I would.

"Magnolia" said...

Wow, what a BEAUTIFUL pinkeep, Staci! I'll bet your Mom absolutely loves it! The colors are perfect, and your finishing superb.

Kielrain said...

I love the watermelon pinkeep! The stripes on the back are perfect.

Anonymous said...

Oh it's oh so pretty! If your mom doesn't like it can you send it my way? I promise to cherish it! Hee hee...
I've only stitching one LHN, so you aren't alone out there!

sari.i. said...

What a pretty little thing! :)

Angela said...

Very pretty pinkeep, I am sure your Mom will love it. I too haven't one LHN finish yet! I'm working on it though, I have some in my stash just need the time to stitch one up.

Jessie said...

wow...very sweet and pretty pin-keep. The backing fabric matches too! Thumbs up!

Sandra Ree said...

Staci, your mom is going to love it! I love it! That's a really pretty finish. They're both wonderful gifts!

And congratulations on your award and from so many others too! A testament to how many people you inspire! Very generous for you to pass along this award to your readers! :D

Sally said...

What a beautiful pinkeep for your Mum!

Congratulations on your award!

Erynne said...

I love your finish Staci and somehow I don't think you will be getting it back :o)!

I have collected/amassed/okay now hoarding quite a few LHN patterns but have completed only one. My bad, as my kid would say.

Happy Birthday to Staci's Mum!


Joei said...

Wow, absolutely lovely pinkeep. Everything's perfect. Your mom will surely love it.

Congrats on your award!

Solstitches said...

Ah yes, this was the first LHN fruit pack I did and it still remains my favourite of all of them.
I finished mine into a pinkeep also.
This gift for your mom is so pretty. She is sure to love it very much and no, I don't think you'll get it back LOL.

Cathy B said...

Aren't those LHN/CC Thread Packs great? Your coordinating fabric on the back of the pinkeep is perfect!

Anonymous said...

Your watermelon is so cute!!I want it!!Absolutely!:)

BeckySC said...

I love your pinkeep, Staci!! Just perfect as always :)

Elisa said...

A lovely pinkeep, LHN is one of my favourite along with PS...your mum will be delighted with it, I am sure.

Olenka's Stitches said...

You did a great job on the pinkeep and socks. I am sure your mom will love your gift.

Anonymous said...

love your gifts for your Mum, I'm sure she will love them, and I don't think you'll be bringing any of them back home with you.

Anonymous said...

That is just beautiful! Love the fabric too!

sylvie said...

a very beautiful pinkeep.

Kathy said...

Nice stitching and finishing. Your finishing is always so perfect. This is in my stash,just never made it to the top to stitch.

Do you have all those blogs in your Google Reader or Bloglines whichever you use? Will have to check a few new ones out.

Heather said...

What a cute pinkeep! I stitched that one and finished it as a needlebook, I like these little threadpacks, they look so pretty. I saw one lady is stitching them all over one on one piece of linen, it looks very good so far.

I wish I could knit socks, I love knitted socks… maybe I need to learn to knit :D As if I need another hobby :D

Sharon said...

Lovely pinkeep!