Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I felt compelled to copy Carol's floss tag, and I've finished mine in time for tomorrow.

September 11 freebie by
The Drawn Thread, found here
fabric: 32ct lambswool linen
fibers: WDW and DMC




karenv said...

It's lovely Staci :)

Dora said...

Very nice finish, Staci.
As for the poem, important words to always remember.

What did you stitch on the other side?

Ruth Rachel Vendsel said...

What a lovely tribute. I had almost forgotten that tomorrow was September 11.

Jennifer/OH said...

Thanks for the link to the freebie and for the very touching poem you posted. That day is always close to my heart because I grew up only a few miles from that area. My parents still live there and I know my hometown has never been the same since September 11, 2001.

Vonna said...

A beautiful remembrance for a tragic day.

Jill said...

Thanks for the great remembrance. I can remember exactly where I was that day and the whole day events. It seems like it was just yesterday.'

I love the new look on your blog. Very Festive! Where do you get those star eyelets? We have looked high and low up here and cannot find any. Very nice floss tag.


Shari said...

very nice finish & what a wonderful reminder to us all!
Thanks for sharing your finish & the link, so that more of us can stitch it!

Sandra Ree said...

Beautiful! Thank you for this post Staci.

Every American should always remember this date and forever hold the memory of what happened that day.

I love that you stitched a remembrance!

Jean said...

This date is very important to always remember. I, too, remember where I was when I got the news. Not only was it tragic on so many levels, it was my nephew's birthday. We will always remember. No one will know the pain this tragedy has caused for so many people. It is important that we always appreciate the support and courage of all who were touched by this event. Thank you for the poignant reminder.

tkdquintmom said...

Well said, Staci. Very well said.

samplerlover said...

Hi Staci, thank you for your kind comments regarding my sampler.
I agree with all the other girls. Well said. = Sandra.

Yuko said...

Hi Staci,
What a lovely finish this is!
And star eyelets is perfect for this design.

Even though I'm a Japanese, I remember exactly what I was doing on that day, and remember what I was shocked to see the news on TV...

WendyJo said...

A lovely finish Staci. I stitched this myself a while back.

I too remember where I was on that tragic day...

I too would like to know where you got the star eyelet. I really like that alot.

Nancy said...

I love your flag finish. It's still hard to believe something like this happened, isn't it?

Michele said...

love your floss tag! and for remembering ;)

Carla said...

Lovely finish!! I love the star eyelet :)

Maria said...

I join you in this remembrance.
It´s impossible to forget the images that were on TV that day.

I like the new look of your blog, and as always, I love your floss tag!.

Carol said...

Great job Staci!!

Tammy said...

Staci, thx for stopping by my blog! I love your floss tag and appreciate the Drawn Thread link. I had been wondering where that design came from! I'll be stitching it up soon. Hope to chat more with you sometime. I'm adding you to my blog roll. :)

Paula Nunes Lima said...

Tears still come to my eyes when I see the terrible images in the portuguese television each year in this date. On the other side of world it seemed to us impossible something like that could happen.
Best regards
Paula Nunes Lima

mymarkdesigns said...

Great tag finish! Love the star brad :)

Solstitches said...

It's a date no-one will ever forget no matter where they live.
Your floss tag turned out great. I had just admired the one on Carols blog.


Beatrice said...

Well said.
Your floss tag is lovely!

timetostitch said...

Love your finish.
Your blog is so pretty, I love the Halloween bits you have on the side and the decor with the sock yarn.
Hope you have a productive stitching weekend!

Crazee4books said...

Hi Staci,

That's a lovely little design,
and it is perfect for a floss
tag. The star shaped gromit
is a nice finish to the whole

The Prairie Schooler square
that you stitched for Carol
turned out beautifully!! And
I love that finishing style.
The yellow based fabric with
the red trims is so pretty
and the little lacy bow is
neat. Carol must be just
tickled to receive this.

I'm starting my Fall decorating
tomorrow since it's going to be
a rainy day anyways. I've got
some new stuff from Avon to
put out, and I'm looking forward
to seeing the house dressed for
Fall. And besides, the dust
bunnies and the tumblefurs
(instead of weeds) are getting
a bit overwhelming.


Angela said...

Another lovely floss ring tag!