Saturday, October 11, 2008

Soggy Saturday Update

It's chilly and wet and we're expecting our first frost (and possibly our first snow) of the season. So before I grab my knitting, thought I'd do a quickie update on the 'ol blog.

Cyndi received her Autumn F&S from me. I've decided this will be my last round of the Fair Squares. I've participated in 12 rounds and met some really wonderful stitchers from all over, it's been a lot of fun. But I think it's time for me to move on to other things and let someone else experience the fun on the F&S board :)

Pumpkin by JBW Designs

32ct lambswool linen

fiber: DMC 51

Mairi received her Halloween F&S from me several weeks ago. I forgot to take a picture before packaging them up but I stitched her "Fall" by Homespun Elegance. You can see it stitched up exactly the same here :)

I participated in the Let's Stitch, Friday night Stitch-A-Thon last night. I was smart this week and ordered pizza for dinner so I'd have minimal kitchen cleanup ;) There's no before pic because I just started it last night. I won this chart a while back in a giveaway by Barbara...thanks Barbara!

And my last bit of news: the winners of the floss! Ulla, Celeritas, and Stitchingranny!!! Please email me your addresses and I'll get those out on Tuesday (no mail on Monday, it's Columbus Day.)

Thank you everyone for your kind comments about the floss and the ornies. I do need to clarify, Hubby doesn't stitch. Even though I've tried to convince him he should because I've got sooo many things needing stitched up, LOL ;) His ornament is the carved Santa (and he paints those himself too.)

Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Tanya said...

Wow - 12 rounds of F&S? I'm impressed. Yep, I think you need a break from it. LOL Frost? Snow? It's actually pretty warm here today - not sure what happened to our crisp Fall days but they better be back soon!!! Our pumpkins will melt. LOL

Enjoy your knitting in the snow,

Julianne said...


You did great squares for F&S. I love the piece that you just started stitching. Those colors are right up my alley.

Jill said...

Sad to hear you are leaving the Fair and Square. You do such beautiful squares. I love the pumpking square. You can keep that snow down there. I am not ready for that yet.
Happy Stitching (Knitting?)!

karenv said...

Gorgeous squares! I love that variegated DMC shade.

Great start on American Landscape too - are you using the recommended threads/colours?

cathymk said...

Love your F&S squares! So pretty!

Jennifer/OH said...

OMG, love that pumpkin!!
"Pumpkin by JBW Designs
32ct lambswool linen
fiber: DMC 51"

IS that floss an old DMC before 'Color Variations' came out?

Tammy said...

Beautiful pumpkin! The new start looks pretty too. Great job stitching!

anna said...

Oh, first frost, first snow, you say? How weird! Our fall period is grey and rainy, but this week-end Warsaw shows 22 degrees Celsius ! Nights are cold, though. Lovely work, Staci!

Elisa said...

Wow I love the pumpkin squares...the colours are fantastic.

Your new WIP is looking good too.

Carol R said...

Lovely pumpkin square and great start on An American Landscape.

Carved Santa is gorgeous - does Hubby make these to sell?

Barbara said...

What a GREAT start!! And pizza for dinner - you're a genius!

Nancy said...

Nice start on American Landscape, and I love your French Country Pumpkin! Your choice of thread is very stunning!

Kajsa said...

That pumpkin are so cute. Love your cardigan in an earlier post. I'm almost ready to take up knitting again after checking out your blog.

samplerlover said...

Hi Staci, thank you for your nice comments regarding my necklaces. I think they are lovely and I enjoy wearing them all.
My son is ok. He started school again today. We just have to take him to have an xray in a couple of weeks.
I'm just catching up with my blogging. What a great idea with the floss. I hadn't thought of that. A lot of the variegated flosses cost a fortune in Australia.
Just noticed your Merry Christmas t Ewe ornie. Isn't this one lovely. I made mine a few years ago and I still love looking at it.
Your pumpkin squares are lovely. - Sandra.

Gladys Creativa said...

Are really beautiful! I like it so much, congrats and hugs!

WendyJo said...

Your pumpkin squares are gorgeous! Your new project is looking good!!

Dani - tkdchick said...

That pumpkin is spectacular! Well done!

Tobie said...

'minimal kitchen cleanup'--words I live by! Cross stitch forever, housework whenever..... ;) Your sampler is looking great. Thanks for stopping by my blog, yours is so inspiring!! I've enjoyed reading and seeing your stitching!

timetostitch said...

I love nights with minimal clean up! Your start is beautiful, it's a wonderful chart!

Love the pumpkin you stitched for F&S and wow 12 months! What will you do with all the squares?