Thursday, July 16, 2009

I'm not nearly as industrious

as this post is going to appear. Actually I've been sick for almost two weeks, so my only recent finish is the first pair of socks. Everything else has been waiting since spring for me to take pics.

So, without further ado, first up: Youngest's "red,white, and blue" socks. These were really fun to knit, and because I'm such a nerd, I wonder if they make sock yarn in other countries' flag colors???

48 stitch basic stockinette sock

size: child's large

needles: size 2 dpn's

yarn: Fortissima Colori Socka Color by Schoeller Stahl, color #1776 (how fitting!)

The next two pairs are anklets knit out of miscellaneous sock yarn from my stash. No idea where the ball bands disappeared to.

both pairs are 56 stitch basic stockinette socks
size: women's sm/med
needles: size 2 dpn's
(I think the plum/burgundy pair might be Koigu KPPPM.)

I love how this shawl turned out. It's soft and cozy and drapes just right. It's actually darker and not as bright as my pictures appear.

Lace Throw/#s495 by Plymouth Yarn Design Studio
yarn: Country by Naturally Caron, color #0017 Claret
needles: size 9
(I only cast on 69 stitches and then worked the pattern as written,
ending when it was as long as I wanted.)
finished and blocked size: 17 1/2 in wide by 62 in long

And last but not least, a beanie for Oldest...

Bias Hat from the book
Not Just More Socks by Sandi Rosner
yarn: Austermann Step, color #04
needles: 16in circular size 2 and size 2 dpn's

Phew! Well that's all for me folks, seems like enough doesn't it? Thank you for your continued visits and sweet comments, I really appreciate you taking the time to stop by my little piece of cyberspace. I've been silently visiting your blogs and keeping up on all your wonderful projects and activities. I'm feeling better, so let the silence end, LOL!!!


Becca said...

I am so encouraged by your sock knitting. I took a class last summer but have yet to finish a pair. Today I am making fingerless gloves to get in a little more practice on those dp needles. Thanks for sharing.

Jennifer said...

I love those socks!


valerie said...

Great knitting. Love those anklet socks! Makes me want to pick up my own sticks but then I remember I usually throw my yarn and sticks on the floor in a disgruntled mess once I make a mistake. I am not a good mistake-taker-outer when it comes to knitting! :)

valerie said...

Oh yea...good that you are feeling better. How sad to be sick for 2 weeks!

Missy Ann said...

Great knitting! I love the America socks.

There is just some nasty sick going around, I know I've been complaining enough for three people. lol Glad you're on the mend.

Nancy said...

Love the socks, anklets, throw, and the hat is wonderful!

Get well!

Andrea said...

Oh my gosh, you look very industrious to me! Love everything you have knit, esp. those socks!
I cannot knit to save my life, so I really admire the ability you have to actually make such lovely things!

Daffycat said...

Wow, the 1776 socks are awesome!

So sorry you've been ill. ***hugs***

Gaynor said...

aw..I wanna learn how to knit socks lol
Fantastic! You must be very pleased with your results ;-)

Cindy F. said...

So sorry to hear you've been sick, but so glad to hear you're feeling better!!

Love all your knitted pieces!! Patriotic socks are too cute!!

Kathy A. said...

Love your American socks. you have done some wonderful knitting there.

Old Yankee Stitcher said...

Great socks, congrats on all the finishes. I love the shawl too, the perfect thing to take along on a chilly night. CJ ok;-)

Melissa said...

Wow, you have been productive. I love the Bias Hat the most!

Glad you are feeling better. Summer illness always seems worse to me!

doris said...

Socks. I love your socks!

Jan said...

What beautiful knitting results, Staci! I want to learn how to knit one of these days, if for nothing other then to make a pair of sox as charming as these.

tkdquintmom said...

omg those red, white, and blue socks are just the bomb....

Olenka's Stitches said...

So sorry to hear about your sickness, happy you are back with us.
Wonderful socks!

Ranae said...

I sure you hope you are recovering if not already on the mend.
I love the red, white and blue socks.

Anonymous said...

Love the beanie and the RWB socks!! You have been busy. Sorry to hear you've not been well, hope you're feeling MUCH better now!!
Such a pretty floss ring tag you sent to Su!! Hugs!!

Theresa said...

Those socks are so much fun!! I'm sorry that you were sick for two weeks!!! Gald that you are felling better now~

mainely stitching said...

Oh my gosh, what lovely knitted delights!!!!

I'm very sorry that you were ill for so long, though!

Anonymous said...

Wow, great knittings! Socks are very beautiful, but hat is just fabuluos :)

Joei said...

Oh wow, very nice socks. How I wish I can knit.

Anonymous said...

Missed you, sorry you were sick.
You keep me motivated, I have no local friends or shops. I thought maybe you were going to have a big Halloween/fall ready for us. Looks like this is going to be a fall weekend in KY. Lows in the 50's high sat. 70's.
Cathy From KY

Julie said...

Hi Staci! Beautiful finishes! I love the patriotic socks and the beanie! Two weeks! Thats just too long and I sincerely hope you are on the mend. Things here have been hectic and exhausting. Hopefully that will come to an end soon. I am so tired! I hope to get caught up with emails and mail soon!

Dani - tkdchick said...

I hope you're feeling better!!!

Wow you have kinitted some fantastic items!!!

JOLENE said...

Awesome...I love the stars and stripes!!! I want a pair just for me. Knitting is an art that I never really got into but this looks so fun!!! You are such the creative one! Hope you get feeling better soon, nothing is worse than a summer cold, they seem to linger forever. (sorry, that wasn't encouraging.)

Sadie said...

Sorry you have been ill Staci, but glad that you are on the mend. There seem to be lots of nasties doing the rounds this summer.
Love all your knitting, especially the socks. I am soooo jealous, I have the most beautiful sock yarn in my stash and have tried and tried and tried and tried a whole lot more but just cannot master the dpns *sigh*
I'm sending you some healing get well thoughts maybe you could send me some dpns mojo! LOL
Have a grat weekend x

Erynne said...

Seems like you've been quite industrious to me!! Everything is just lovely....the beanie rocks!


Kim B said...

Love those ankle socks!! I may need to learn to knit just so I can have a pair!