Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Happy Fall!

Good Morning faithful readers! We're in the midst of some very wet and chilly fall weather...perfect for making and wearing handknits. I will readily admit I'm not ready for snow and hope it stays in the high country :)

As I was knitting the edging for the green sweater, I thought it might look pretty cool as a scarf. So Sunday, while watching football with Hubby, I whipped up this soft, warm and oh-so-cozy chocolate-y brown addition to my winter wardrobe...

Edging pattern from the Cottage Lace Cardigan

Interweave Knits Weekend special issue mag

Yarn: Cashmere by Bernat, color Earth (2 strands held throughout)

Needles: size 15

I've started another big-needle knit. Gosh, how I LOVE how FAST they progress!!! This is a freebie pattern from Lion Brand Yarns. Spring Lace Shawl and theirs is done up in green. I love green (at least pretty much any shade except lime or kelly!) But I'm knitting mine in a heathered gray wool blend so that I can wear it more (because I'm bound and determined to become a woman who can pull off a chic shawl look instead of looking like a granny, lol!)

Well, my Lovelies, my coffee and knitting are calling me. So while the washer and dryer do their thing, I'll be clicking and sipping away. A perfect way to spend a dreary day!!!


Vee said...

Staci, I can see that you are truly enjoying your knitting projects...Everything looks fabulous!

Annie said...

Very nice pieces. It's fun to knit those lacy designs, but when I do them, I have to really concentrate to avoid making a mistake. Looks like you can do them with your eyes closed!

Nancy said...

A beautiful scarf, and it looks like it will be so fun to wear! I'm sure your shawl will be amazing, and I look forward to seeing it finished. Enjoy your knitting and your coffee!

Julie said...

Gorgeous scarf, and i love the shawl, enjoy your tea and knitting time.

Ranae said...

Happy Fall to you!
Love the scraf it looks so elegant with the scalloped? edge

Kim B said...

I NEED that scarf! I am absolutely in love!! When you wear it this winter, do me a favor and think of me. I will be living vicariously through you :)

Gabi said...

Ohhh....that scarf looks fantastic. So does the shawl. Love both of them!!!

Brigitte said...

Everything looks so beautiful. And you will soon need it in your corner of the country, won't you?

doris said...

Woo, fabulous lacy knitting! Maybe one day I'll get around to knitting something besides my brows.

Did you enjoy watching the Broncos on Sunday? We thought it was a fun game to watch, but we have no idea what to expect next.

Marjorie said...

I love that scarf, the color is just perfect!

Deb said...

Wow, what great pieces! You're ready for fall now.

valerie said...

Beautiful knitting Staci. Love that scarf. Ummm...can I borrow it?! Seeing your knits makes me want to pick up my needles too but I can barely managed the xstitching nowadays! *sigh*

Patti said...

Staci I love the scarf it is just gorgeous but I am not starting to knit again because I have never in my whole life finished anything I have ever started. But I do so love to look at your knitting. Love Patti xxx

Crazee4books said...

Hi Staci,

While your weather is wet and
chilly, which is perfectly
normal Fall weather, here we
are enjoying (??) days of
very uncomfortable humidity.

The temperatures would be
lovely for this time of year
if it weren't for the nasty
humidity which makes the air
outside feel like a sauna.

I've been shopping for new
Fall clothes, and the majority
of my summer clothes have been
shipped off to Goodwill or
tossed in the trash, so I don't
have much in the way of cool
duds to get me through this
unexpected bout of warmth.

And in the meantime I have a
closet full of new Fall clothes
that are too warm to wear and
are just hanging there, taunting
me with their loveliness and
their newness. Arrrggghhhh!!!

I wish I could knit. Seeing
all the beautiful things that
you create with your needles
and yarn I really, really wish
that I could knit.

Using the edging portion of
that cardigan pattern to
make a scarf was a brilliant
idea and the result is so
pretty. The yarn color is
very nice, and rich and
yummy looking.

I really love that Ribbon
Tied Cardigan too, which
looks amazing on you by the
way. And I'm waiting none
too patiently to see a picture
of you modeling the cable
hoodie from several posts back.
Hint, Hint!!!


Michele B. said...

There's no way you would ever look like a granny - you knit very chic things! Thanks for the pointer to the Lion Brand Yarns site - if I ever finish my eternal afghan maybe I'll pick out a new pattern to try. I wish I could knit (and stitch) as fast as you do...

Theresa said...

Your knits look so cozy~~~~ I'm totally not prepared for winter yet - Thank God I'm in southern Clifornia and the weather here shows no signs of fall yet.....

Sadie said...

I am so in love with that scarf! The design and the colour, just so pretty and it looks like it will be very cozy too!
Nice start on the shawl too, i am sure you will look very chic in it :-)
Enjoy your coffe, i'm off to make one now.

Angela P said...

I love the detail in the scarf, the color is yummy too :)

JOLENE said...

I love the chocolatey brown scarf!!! I would love to learn how to this pattern suitable for a beginner??? I really like it and I gotta have one!!!

Julie said...

Love the scarf! Especially the color!
I heard about the high yesterday in Denver! Yikes! Its too early for day highs to only be in the lower 40's. I hope it warms up soon for you.

Tammy said...

WOW, beautiful knitting! LOVE both things.

Lana said...

Gorgeous! I couldn't agree more...what a perfect way to spend a dreary day!!!

Lillie said...

That lookls most lovely. Great knittings lately.

Maryjane - The Beehive Cottage said...

You have a wonderful blog and I love your work! What talent you have!!! Do you have an Etsy shop? Nice you are beginning to experience Fall! We have a long ways to go here in So. Ca! Have a wonderful weekend creating!


Bev said...

i love the scarf!!, and to be honest i am not a scarf fan neither, normally i had a go at kintting, but to be honest it looked like a cat had been at it so i gave up lol

Shari said...

oh, that is so pretty!!!! Looks like hot chocolate!!! Thanks for sharing your beautiful pieces with us!

Siobhan said...

That is SUCH a pretty scarf! Great job, Staci!

Ruth Rachel Vendsel said...

Ah, what beautiful knitting! Love that brown scarf!

Jen said...

Everything looks fantastic! I really love your brown scarg...big needle projects do go fast! Hey, I have a question: I was going through some previous posts and I came across the September 24, 2008 post with a picture of a beautiful pair of scissors. I couldn't find any more info about them. Would you share where you got them? I would love to have a pair to come live with me! Thanks!

Tania said...

Oh stop already! I am up to my eyeballs in work deadlines and I am desperate to do precisely what you are up to! So what if we are heading into summer...

Your lace is beautiful