Sunday, January 10, 2010

Winding Down

That's how I feel on Sunday evenings after Middle and Youngest go to bed. Because by then, most of my work for the day is done. And I'm relaxing before the week starts all over.

I finished these pillowcases. I don't know why I put these aside. It only took another evening to stitch the second one. In two evenings I could have had a new set for my bed. But no. I waited months, and let's see...started in summer, went through fall, and it's now winter. Oh well, never mind all that now...sweet dreams await!

A pre-printed set from Michaels...using the recommended DMC colors.

I received a sweet surprise in the mail from Angela (no blog.)

She bought this in Cypress. It holds rolls/buns. Isn't it the cleverest thing? And way too pretty to put buttery rolls in ;) Thank you so much Angela for your thoughtfulness.

And I spent my Secret Santa gift certificate to ehandcrafts in mere minutes :) And because Mary Kathryn was having a giftie dollars went even further, lol. Thank you again Secret Santa!!!

Well my dear friends, I hope you've had a wonderful weekend. And hoping that your week ahead is a good one :) Thank you for coming by. I'm off to find my stitching...


Jackie said...

I love the embroidered pillowcases! I have a few my grandmother made and they are one of my prized possessions.

Angela said...

Wonderful pillowcases! Great new stash, enjoy :)

Kim B said...

Love your new stash and your new pillowcases Staci!

corinna said...

sleep sweetly on those pillow cases
thanks for all your knit and stitch inspirations.........
what fun!

Gabi said...

These pillow cases are gorgeous and will give you the sweetest dreams. The bun holder is too cute too. And I love your new stash. Especially the Blackbird Design.

Marie said...

I just love your embroidered pillow cases and the bun warmer. How sweet and pretty!

Lois said...

The embroidered pillow cases are lovely! What a lovely unexpected gift to receive and look forward to the envelope of new stash that will be heading your way. Nothing nicer than having a gift certificate to treat yourself with.

KarenV said...

Congratulations on getting the pillow cases done, they look so pretty! Love your new stash too, especially the BBD book - I'm stitching two projects from it at the minute and loving them both!

Sadie said...

Love the pillow cases. They are very pretty. Nice gifts and stash too.

Shari said...

the pillowcases look great! Remind me of my late grandmother. She was blind, but still did her stitching! Great gifts you got! Isn't it fun to spend money that goes even further because of sales?!?! Gotta love it!

Cari said...

Morning Staci - I just love those pillowcases. I think I will be making a trip to my local Michael's this week.

And what a beautiful gift - I received one those roll things and loved it - that is 'til I washed and tried to iron it, oh my!

Great new stash - I can't wait to see what you start stitching next.

Enjoy your week.

Nancy said...

Your pillowcases are so pretty Staci, and they look like they will definitely bring sweet dreams!

Lovely gift you received from Angela. She is such a sweetheart and thoughtful person (and a wonderful friend too!). You made some pretty choices with your gift certificate. Enjoy stitching them!

Julie M said...

Beautiful pillow cases! You must have been saving them for so you could have fresh crisp new pillowcases to go along with a fresh crisp New Year!

Great new stash too!

Lainey said...

Pretty, pretty pillowcases and lovely new stash to enjoy!

Deb said...

I love your embroidered pillowcases. Those are something that you just don't see on people's beds anymore!

Love your new stash too. Those are some great charts!

Catherine said...

I love the pillowcases - I think I might just have to look at Michael's for some of those myself!

Great new stash!

suelichter said...

Wonderfull work,welldone and enjoy.Great blog love the snowy picture just don't get it in South Africa where i stay:(enjoyed my visit.
regards Sue....

Ranae said...

Pretty pillowcases.
I agree no buttery rolls, lol
I love both those charts, lucky you!

Melissa said...

Lovely work on the pillowcases, and lovely pressies as well!

Julie said...

Beautiful pillowcases, i hope you have sweet dreams with your head on those.

Nice stash buy and a lovely gift received

Sherri said...

Just found your blog and really enjoyed looking at your stitching and knitting. Your socks and mittens are fabulous. Love the embroidered pillow cases, too.

I've added myself as a follower. Happy stitching!

Michelle said...

Love those pillow cases.. I have some in my pile of stitching .. maybe, just maybe before the summer.

What a great bun holder too ~ so pretty for the table.

Have fun stitching your new stash!

Crazee4books said...

Hi Staci,

Oh, those pillowcases are just so
sweet. Perfect for encouraging
sweet dreams I'm sure. Dreams
of summer no doubt because of the
pretty flowers and delicate green
leaves. Do you have to take
special care when washing your
embroidered pillowcases??

Aren't these bun holders the
neatest things?? I have one
that friends brought from
Scotland for me one year and
I love it. But you're right
about not wanting to actually
put buns in it and risk staining
it with greasy butter. Love
the lacy trim on yours.

Nice stash choices Staci. And
it's great that you could take
advantage of Mary Kathryn's
New Years sale while you were
at it.

I really love the mitts and
scarf that you stitched up.
Bella's mittens are a very
cool look and look at how
long they are!! And that
scarf looks real cozy and warm.
Just in time for the peak
Winter season. Are you
getting lots of snow and cold?

Your sock knitting always
makes me smile because I swear
I've never seen so many ways to
make a simple pair of socks.
The Feather and Fan pattern
in that wonderful multi-color
yarn looks amazing.

Am haunting the mailbox and
stalking the mailman, waiting
not terribly patiently for my
new stash to arrive. SIGH!!


nima said...

wow...gorgeous pillowcase

Lillie said...

Pretty pillowcases and wonderful
choice of stash. Enjoy!

angelasweby said...

Staci, hi,
I absolutely love your embroidered pillow cases. As a collector of old and now quite rare finds of old embroidery, I'm glad to see you are stitching what, hopefully the next two generations down might collect - sorry, don't mean to make you sound old...haha! They are beautiful and your work is amazing. I didn't even know they still sold transfer printed pillow cases for people to stitch!!

I'm so glad you like the bun holder. People use them for all sorts of things like storing your favourite lipsticks or perfumes or what about filling the pockets with brightly coloured balls of wool, the possibilities are endless. And yes, Cari is right, they are a nightmare to iron.

I'm waiting for stash from the very same sale at Mary Kathryns. Enjoy yours :>)
Angela xx

Dani said...

Great job on the pillow cases. I love the bun holder ... I have two that I picked up when I was in Gibralter last year.

Sharon said...

Oh I bought this very same set of pillowcases. I can't wait to embroider them, yours came out so nice. Your blog is always a treat to visit. Always filled with so much creative stuff. Wonderful!!

Kathy A. said...

Oh Staci - what beautiful pillowcases. Your embroidery is so delicate and perfect.
Waht a lovely bun and roll warmer. I agree - it is much too lovely to use. That one's just to admire.

Shay said...

I think I definetly need to finish my pillow cases. I have had a set that I purchased from JoAnns and have never finished. I am going to add them of my things to finish this year!

Berit said...

Beautiful stitches and stash!