Friday, February 26, 2010

French Knots and Socks

Happy Friday dear friends! Just squeezing in the last of my February Monday really the start of March already???

Starting off is a bunny of a different sort :) I was able to stitch this little guy up in a flash! He's a little freebie pattern from Ginger of Primitives By the Light of the Moon. I used some neutral-striped calico from my stash and DMC 498. I didn't take a pic of the back, but I used an off white wool felt.

I did his tail in French knots. I love the way it turned out!

And then just a simple blanket-stitched edge :)

I've also been knitting socks for Hubby...

to replace these:

He likes plain 'ol socks. No funky, stripey ones. No fun colors. No patterns. Thank goodness he doesn't have huge feet, lol!!!

40 stitch basic stockinette worsted weight socks
size: men's medium
yarn: unmarked worsted weight, superwash wool
approx 100g per pair
needles: size 8 dpn's

WooHoo! Have a Great Weekend Everyone and thanks for stopping by!!!


Annie said...

Adorable bunny. Good job on the French knots and perfect buttonhole stitches!

Berit said...

What an adorable bunny--love that blanket stitch!

Re the socks, it's too bad those brown ones sacked out; I LOVE the colour combination! Of course, the new ones are also quite nice. :D

Kim B said...

Fantastic bunny! I love those french knots! And I am sitting here realizing my feet are cold after seeing those lovely socks Staci!

Michele said...

what a sweet bunny! and I love the french knotted tail :)

Jennifer said...

Staci , these socks look so cozy. love the colours as I am sure your hubby will too. You are going to have a wonderful collection of Easter rabbits by the time Easter rolls around which isn't too far off is it? Your scissors are wonderful. I am going to treat myself to some nice ones in April when my bday comes . Have a fun weekend!

Dee said...

Love the bunny. Such cute little knots for his tail.

Looks like your husband loved his socks a little too hard! Glad he has a loving wife to make him some more.

Meadows08 said...

What a sweet little bunny. Love his french knot tail.

Catherine said...

What a sweet bunny!

Love the socks!

JelliDonut said...

That bunny is adorable. Love the tail!

Carol R said...

Cute bunny -love the French knot scut!

Cari-in-VA said...

Staci, I just love your little bunny and your finish is delightful! There are so many wonderful little bunny charts to choose from.

The new socks are great, that would be my husband, the plainer the better (he's an engineer through and through).

Enjoy your weekend.

KimV said...

I love the bunny... what thread did you use... it looks so thick and nice!!!
Socks... They have become my Mom's new obsession!

Sadie said...

What a lovely little bunny he is, and such a lovely cotton tail!
Lovely socks, they look so warm and cozy. My DH is a plain sock man too, he'll wear anything as long as it is black :-) x

Hazel said...

Cute bunny and fab socks. Ohhhh I have my sock workshop in a week! Just hope I don't embarrass myself. x

Nancy said...

Very sweet bunny, and I love the French knots for the tail! Lovely work Staci! Thanks for the link to the pattern.

Nice new socks for hubby. You can tell by his old ones he loves your knitted socks!

Karen said...

You never cease to amaze me! Your stitching is so cute and love the way your finished this one! Too cute.

Love the socks...

JOLENE said...

Oh, what a cute little adorable bunny tale!!! Love the french knots, that was a great finishing touch on him. Great idea!!!

angelasweby said...

What a perfect time to be stitching a bunny. Lets hope that Spring in hopping in right behind him. He really is gorgeous.
The socks look so cosy. I don't usually wear socks but it's been so cold recently i've been borrowing the odd pair from DH and they are definitely not as nice as yours :>)
Angela xx

Harmien said...

Oooh, what a sweetie. I just love his tail!! Your French knots rock! I think I might refuse to knit plain ol' socks... ;o)

Paula C. said...

I always enjoy seeing what you're working on =) Have a great weekend!

BeckySC said...

Love your bunny!! TOO cute and the pillow finish is lovely :)
Have a great weekend!

doris said...

Very, very cute bunny!

Love those socks, even if they are plain. The man I hang around with wears size 13 shoes. I think his shoes come with oars. Imagine how big I'd have to knit slippers to felt for him!

Love your scissors in the previous post. You've found some nice ones. Remind me to stay away from ebay.

Siobhan said...

I love that little bunny! Great job Staci. Love the socks, too--YGG! I think if I had the talent to knit socks, I would only allow them to be worn when the person is sitting on the sofa and the feet are propped up on the table, LOL.

Elaine said...

Awww what a cute little bunny, just love his adorable tail!

Jennifer said...

Hmm, worsted-weight socks on size 5needles? Can you see the hamster running on the wheel inside my head already? Where can I find the pattern? I know it is pretty basic, but I have yet to "invent" a pattern for socks. Still need to follow the professionals.

corinna said...

great socks
love your version of the bunny
spring is just a hop away

Susimac said...

Such a sweet bunny finish - love the knots his tail looks perfect

Shirley said...

Adorable bunny - so cute.

Theresa said...

Awww~~ Such an adorable finish!!! The bunny is toooo cute~~~
Those socks look very warm and comfy!!!!

Tracey said...

Love your sweet little bunny... sometimes simple is the best. And what could be better than his/her tail done totally in french knots!! :^)

Crazee4books said...

Hi Staci,

Awww... Your newest little bunny
is adorable!! Love the french
knot tail. He looks wonderful
on the pretty fabric that you
stitched him on and the blanket
stitched edging finishes the
piece off perfectly.

Lucky DH to get to wear socks
knitted just for him by you.
Nice serviceable colors. Too
bad he doesn't like the stripy
socks though. I think they're
funky looking. When holes
wear into the heels of the
socks do you try and darn them
for continued use or are they
too far gone to save??? Then
again, it's a great excuse to
keep knitting new socks, isn't

Your scissors collection is
really growing these days. The
Americana scissors are very
striking to look at, especially
when gathered all together in
the frog. Hmm... wonder if
there are any Canadian scissors
out there???


Irene said...

The bunny is just adorable and the french knots are great !

SimplyStitchingintheGarden said...

Just love the bunny and the 'French Knot' tail!! very cute.

The socks for your husband are wonderful - superwash will have to pick some of that up and give it a try. What sock pattern do you use for your husbands socks and what size needles.

Have a great weekend --- Roberta

Lois said...

What a cute bunny! The blanket-stitched edge really sets the piece off. I can see your knitting needles are still busy these days - lovely socks!

Michele B. said...

You are the queen of French knots! What a perfect rear end for your bunny. Those socks look so toasty warm - wish they were on my feet right now.

Sherri said...

Such an adorable bunny, especially the perfectly executed french knot tail! The socks are great, too. I can tell your hubby is loved.

Deb said...

Your bunny is so sweet! Love the french knots for the tail. I definitely have to learn how to make socks. They look so warm and comfortable!!

Brigitte said...

Such a cute little bunny. A different one this time, which makes for a great variety of bunnies for your spring decoration.

Kellie said...

Such a cute bunny!!! Love the french knots. That is one thing I can't seem to master. Yours look perfect. :)

The Scarlett House said... that bunny pillow sweet or what? Love the tail.

Michelle said...

Too sweet! Love the bunny tail..

I bet your hubby loves his new socks. Lucky man!

Julie said...

Cute little bunny!

I hope DH has toasty and warm feet.

Terri said...

Your bunny is adorable and I love the socks! I need to learn to knit!