Sunday, July 6, 2008

Food, Fireworks and Fun!

We spent a very happy 4th picnicking in the mountains...the kids romping around, playing in the river and generally just getting dirty!!! I did quite a bit of stitching that I'll show you another day ;) Full of sunshine and fresh mountain breezes, we came home and enjoyed watermelon, fudgesicles, and fireworks. There were several neighbors up and down the street that had fireworks in addition to the city's display, so it was quite fun!

Last week I received my PIF from Mary Kathryn. She stitched up this sweet little pin pillow...thank you Mary Kathryn, I love it!

I stitched a couple sets of replacement squares for the Fair and Square and Margaret and Vonna both rec'd them last week...(sorry that my pics are so dark, you can see better ones on their blogs.)

Friendship Sampler freebie
by The Goode Huswife
fabric: 32ct oyster linen
fibers: DMC as charted
for Margaret S

Humble Home freebie
by The Useful Needle
fabric: 32ct lambswool linen
fibers: DMC as charted
for Vonna

I closed the PIF early and oldest drew names on Wed...


Judy M~~crazee4books

Sandra Ree~~bubblebabble


Congrats and thank you to everyone who left a comment, I sure appreciate it :) Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend, thanks for stopping by :)


Sandra Ree said...

I'm so excited to see my name on that list! I'll have my post up sometime this week. :)

I bet the mountains are gorgeous this time of year, sounds like you all had an awesome holiday weekend!

The pin pillow from Mary Kathryn is beautiful! And the replacement squares you did for Margaret and Vonna are perfect looking as always! said...

Your USA display looks so wonderful, Staci! And isn't Mary KAthryn's pillow darling!
Sounds like you had the perfect 4th...!!
Aren't you a sweetheart stitching up such lovely replacement squares!!!

Barbara said...

I like all the pictures so much that you've displayed in this post!!! Your Independence Day basket is just drool-worthy! And your FS squares have me all green with envy! :)

Vonna said...

Why look at that lovely 4th of July display...I don't think I showed mine this year...your's is LOVELY ;)

Sounds like you had a wonderful 4th! I worked all weekend ;( But it was sunny and in the evenings when I was home, it was REST and RELAXATION!

Mary Kathryn's PIF is just cute as a button and so you!
HUGS!! for my superior squares!!!

Carol said...

That is one basket of pretty patriotic smalls you have there!!

Andrea said...

Love the patriotic basket. Above and beyond by yet another stitcher with those replacement squares. Love the PIF from mary Kathryn.

tkdchick said...

Sounds to me like you had the ideal 4th of July!

What a great person you are to stitch several replacement blocks!!!

Annie said...

That is just a textbook 4th of July celebration. The basket of stitching is just filled with beauties. Nice exchange pieces too.

Paula C. said...

I love the patriotic display! I have several small patterns and little kits for patriotic designs that I am going to work on for a display for next year. The squares you stitched for F&S are really nice and I love the pin pillow you received from Mary Kathryn! Can't wait to see what you stitched over the holiday weekend!

Dora said...

That patriotic basket is so nice!
All photos are wonderful.

Hazel said...

Your display looks lovely! Great pinpillow too. xx

Paisley said...

Love your display of patriotic designs!

Linen Stitcher said...

Love the basket of patriotic smalls! Had to hesitate to examine them more closely to see which patterns I recognized. Went on to discover so many more lovely photos in your post: the pin pillow, your Fair and Squares. My, you've been busy!

Jessie said...

love your patriotic basket full of beautiful finishes. It sets the mood for 4th July too.
Love your Humble Home, especially the white fence, very pretty piece indeed!

Crazee4books said...

Hi Staci,

It's been fun reading through
everyone's blogs to see how
they celebrated Canada Day or
the Fourth of July.

I must say that a day in the
mountains does sound appealing.
We don't have mountains here.
Just hills. I saw my first
mountains 13 years ago when my
DH and I traveled to Vancouver.
Oh my!! I do love mountains!!
So a picnic in the mountains
sounds like just the thing.

Your basket full of patriotic
pillows is dandy! Sorry,
couldn't resist. What a
wonderful selection of designers
and styles and thread colours.
Not to mention shapes and sizes.

Oh boy! I saw those little pin
pillows on Mary Kathryn's blog
and thought they were so pretty.
It's a cute little finish and
such a dainty design.

Your replacement squares are
lovely, and I'll bet Margaret
and Vonna are delighted with

These squares exchanges
are great for introducing
others to designers we may not
be too familiar with. I like
the Useful Needle design with
it's little picket fence, and
pretty colours. I don't recall
seeing anything from this
designer before.

Have a great week!


Cathy B said...

I love your basket of smalls! That was really thoughtful of you to stitch replacement squares for Margaret and Vonna! Your PIF from Mary Kathryn is really sweet too!

And I just saw your ornament from Vonna - way too cute!

Sally said...

Love the pillow you received from Mary Kathryn and your squares are beautiful:)

Tanya said...

That 4th of July themed basket is wonderful!!!!


Annemarie said...

Love your display of Americana stitching there, Staci!
The pincushion is very sweet.

That freebie you stitched for the F&S exchange is gorgeous! I've never seen it anywhere!

Glenna said...

Love all the smalls! And I also love the beautiful pillowcases. Nothing better than a handstitched, nice cool pillowcase on your cheek when you're sleepy.

Gorgoglio said...

I love all your creations and I've added your link in my blog. Have a nice day

Julianne said...


I love all your patriotic smalls. They are so cute. I'm happy to read that you and your family enjoyed the holiday.

Sonda in OR said...

Love that basket of smalls. I'll have to just bite the bullet and finish my patriotic smalls as pillows instead of trying to someday do something more.

Rima said...

You not only receive beautiful things, but also make such great things. Your work is always so neat and pretty!