Thursday, July 17, 2008

This 'n That

Look at the cute, cute ornie that Jill stitched for me! I love sheep and have a small collection of them (seems I have a lot of collections, lol!) This ornament has been on my "stitch for me" list ever since the JCS 2006 ornament issue came out, and how lucky for me that Jill chose to stitch it up! I love the colors that she chose and how she used Whisper to make the sheep fuzzy...thank ewe Jill, it's perfect for me!

"Winter's Eve" by Country Cottage Needleworks

JCS 2006

stitched by Jill F

I've been doing lots of stitching and here is a small finish to share with you today...

Good Morning & Good Night freebies,
fabric: 28ct remnant, 1 over 1
fiber: WDW, Bethlehem


I kind of goofed up the back side of the eyelet......I placed it too close to the corner where all the excess fabric is, so it didn't close up nice and tight (or neat.) But I figure, since it's for me~~I'll just replace the eyelet if it falls out ;)

And I keep forgetting, here's the link for The Useful Needle freebies. The Humble Home chart is on this page if you were looking for it. And I can't remember who asked about stitching with DMC 115~~but I always complete each stitch before moving on to the next. That's what I do with all of the variegated DMC's and the DMC Variations (and all other hand-dyed or over-dyed threads.)

Tonight, we're going to go to one of the free concerts in the park with a picnic dinner. I've already got dinner figured out, now I just need to figure out if I'm going to bring stitchin' or knittin'!!! Hope your week is going well. Thanks for all your nice comments and for stopping by :)


Ranae said...

Oh! It must be so nice to get these beautiful ornies.
I love the goodnight and good morning.
Have fun at the picnic concert.

Dora said...

All nice finishes! Those tags are so much fun to make.

Jeanne said...

Staci - I just found your blog for the first time today. Love it! You have wonderful things posted and I wanted to thank you for the lovely tutorial on making floss rings -I definitely want to do some. Could you tell me where to find the colored rings? I have only seen the silver ones but the colored ones are so cute! Thanks.

Annie said...

I've had that same problem with the eyelets. I always have to remember to make the tag with enough space in the corner so I can avoid the extra layers. But it looks find just the same. I love that star-shaped eyelet. Where did you ever find that?

Suzanne said...

thanks for the link to The Useful Needle. Where do you find the little charms you add to your tags?

Sandra Ree said...

Love the ornament Jill made for you and what a cute pattern you finished! Enjoy your free concert and picnic Staci, sounds like a lovely time! :)

Kathy A. said...

Lovely ornament you received. Your tag is lovely. Enjoy your concert. Thanks for the link

Cathy B said...

I love the colors Jill chose for your CCN ornament! Very cute! said...

Another beautiful Christmas ornie, it's really lovely!!! And your floss ring tag looks FAB!! Thanks SO MUCH for the link, I remember seeing Peter Plaidtail years ago and now I have the chart... woohoo!!!

Yuko said...

What a lovely ornament from Jill!
I love this design and colour very much!!
And your floss tag is also cute!

Tanya said...

Hi Staci,
I love sheep too and this is darling :o) Thanks for the freebie link and WOW that floss tag is great.

Enjoy the concert. I wish we could go to more of those - I just get bitten alive - so many mosquitoes here and the bug spray only works so long on me. LOL


tkdchick said...

What a lovely little ornie to receive! Nice job on your first floss tag!

Andrea said...

Love the ornament, especially with the house in red.

Big Sis said...

Another cute Xmas one! Love it :)
Did you say you were gonna make replicas???? I know...a girl can wish can't she!?!?

Kathy said...

Love your little ornament. Jill did a great job. Good morning/night are so cute. I don't know how you get so much done.

Solstitches said...

Love the sheepie ornament and the floss tag too.
I'm seeing the tags all over blogland and need to try one for myself.
Thanks for the freebie link.

Sharon said...

Adorable ornament! Great floss tag!

Kim B said...

What a sweet little ornament! And a great ring tag too!

Thanks for the freebie link!!

Anonymous said...

Your blog is just wonderful and you have "goldfingers" (excuse me for my english, I'm french...)
I'm really very impressed by all you stitch and how you finish what you stitch... thank you for my eyes!!!