Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Fresh morning air. Fresh coffee. Fresh pumpkin bread. Fresh new knitting project (pretend you don't hear the other knitting wip's.)

Oh look......some finished knitting.

I can't remember what yarn this is, I'd forgotten this scarf was on the needles till I wanted to use my favorite knitting bag (for my favorite new project.) And there it was, all by itself in a big 'ol bag. I only knit one more row and then cast off.

I hated this yarn...ummm, no. I hate knitting scarves lengthwise~~you know end-to-end. I totally understand that you only have to knit like, 12 rows......but each row feels like it takes a year off my life, ugh. But, the scarf is squeezable and squishy (now it sounds like a commercial for Charmin) and Oldest looks pretty darn cute in it :)

These very fun, very fast socks only took 3 days from start to finish. I cast on for them last Thursday and then took the kids to the McDonald's playland so I could knit because I thought they would enjoy it. These are knit with a new sock yarn from Red Heart...gasp...behold yarn snobs! It really is good and pretty inexpensive as far as sock yarns go.

64 st basic women's sock,
done in a 6x2 rib
size: women's med
yarn: Heart and Sole by Red Heart
color #3955, Mellow Stripe
needles: knitpicks sz 2 dpn's
So I cast these on completely forgetting that my other 3 dozen socks are 56 stitches, must be the heat. And honestly, there isn't anything wrong with the left sock in the pic...it's lumpy-looking because oldest has rag ankle-bracelets on underneath it.
I keep forgetting this (again, the heat) but Joy and Carolyn nominated me for a Brilliante Weblog Award. Thank you so, so much! Look out Julia Roberts, LOL!!! (did you know she knits too?) Ok, I've got to think about who to nominate~~but in the mean time, check out my side bar. LOTS of great blogs!!!


Carol R said...

Great scarf and beautiful socks!

xstitch.nl said...

Love the socks. Feel the need to learn how to knit socks now!!!! They're beautiful!

Stitches 'N' Stones said...

Gorgeous scarf and your DD looks great in it--very cute socks too!

Crazee4books said...

Hi Staci,

Busy times on your blog. I miss
a weekend of posts and look at
all the lovely things you've
made or received. Christmas in
July indeed.

The Peace Tree ornament that
Marie P. stitched for you is so
pretty. These are such clever
designs. And it's finished off
so beautifully, with the cording
matching the thread.

Your basket full of finished
ornaments is an eye popper!!
This was certainly a great
idea for an exchange group.

I can't believe there are
Christmas trees for sale at
this time of year!! Then
again, Hallmark's got their
first wave of Xmas ornaments
out and for sale now.

Did Mairi really make that
adorable snowman and the
delightful gingerbread man?
They are wonderful!!! Never
mind another tree, Staci
you're going to need another

Hmmm rag jewelery. Very
flower power, 60's influenced.

Your knitting projects are
rolling along. The scarf is
a lovely colour, and is nice
and long. Those socks are
most excellent too. Love the
rows of bright, sunny colours.


Tanya said...

Awesome knittery, Staci! LOVE those socks :o) Ah McDonalds playland - hadn't thought of that - what a great place to knit, I mean play. lol


Creative Chaos said...

Your DD abd the scarf both look awesome !!!
Love your new socks , too bad the yarn isn't available here!!
Patti xx

Sandra Ree said...

You've got so much talent, Staci! Love all your knitting! Loved the rag jewelry and your stitching on your earlier post also! Congratulations on your Brilliante Weblog Award!

Carla said...

Love the socks...those colors are so yummy!! The scarf is lovely too!

Cathy B said...

Almost makes me want to take up knitting. Very cute!

Michele said...

what great knitting projects! I adore that scarf :)

congrats on the award .. fun aren't they :)

WendyJo said...

Love the scarf! The socks are really cool too!

~Julie~ said...

Lovely scarf, Staci!! And the socksssss...I loveeeeeeeee the socks!!! LOL I'm a sock freak! I only wish I knew how to knit! My mother knits, and several of my friends knit, but do you think I could be a fast learner JUST ONCE in my life? NOPE! LOL I can't knit!

GREAT finishes!! I'll be sure to tell Mom about the new Red Heart sock yarn, I'm sure she'll be ecstatic!


Ruth said...

Ok, lengthwise rows would drive me nuts too, but you have to know your scarf is stunning! Now pass the pumpkin bread. I'm stuck in a hotel with no deserts save for those in the vending machine and they are all melted because they keep the machine in a room that's not air conditioned. Man, I'm going to want donuts for breakfast for sure! lol

Lelia said...

Oh, I so admire your skills. LOL - yeah, nothing like a NEW project with the WIP projects whispering "what about me?"

Congrats on your Brilliante Weblog award, too!

Enjoy the week-end

Stitchingranny said...

Great socks and scarf there - well done.

Teri said...

I admire your ability to knit during the summer!!! The finishes are great! I especially like the wine color for the cardigan. I can't wait to see the end result!

Kathy said...

Love your knitting projects. Still makes me wish I could knit.