Sunday, August 10, 2008

Lazy Sunday

I stitched this up last month, it was a really sweet and pleasant little project. I stitched it 1 over 2 on 32ct and like how delicate it looks. Eventually, I'll go back and stitch the companion piece.

Alphabet Sampler by

Carriage House Samplings

Just Cross Stitch, June 2005

fabric: 32ct linen remnant, 1 over 2

fiber: DMC

I plan on finishing it as a tasseled pyn pillow, it's laying on the backing fabric I've chosen (found at my fave quilt shop, of course!) Does anyone have any special tips for adding tassels neatly?

Here is another project I started last month (I guess July was a very selfish month for me as I stitched/started several things for me and also rec'd a load of ornies/exchanges in the mail to boot.)

This is a freebie from Grandma's Kitchen. It's a great blog with wonderful freebies~~check it out! I dyed a remnant piece of linen; I wanted it to look kind of I filled the bowl with hot water, dumped in some tan RIT powder and added my wet linen, and then gave it all a swish. I did not mix the dye first. I really like the way it turned out ;)

I've been adding blogs to Google Reader (thanks Vonna for guiding me away from the frustration of bloglines!) I've got over 200 in my reader and probably have 200 more to add. A very slow process but it'll save me time in the long run, right??? So just want you all to know that I've been reading your blogs as I'm adding them, sorry for the lack of comments. But I should be all caught up and back to commenting soon!!!


Julianne said...

Hi Staci,

You've been busy! I love your CHS piece and the backing fabric and tassels you've chosen look stunning. I can't wait to see the finished piece.

Nice job on dying your own linen. I also love the lamb cushion in the picture.

Daffycat said...

Wonderful stitching; you take such nice photos. I LOVE your dyed fabric, it turned out so nice! And thanks for the link to Grandma's Kitchen!

You will save so much time with the reader! It took me days to get all my blogs added but it was well worth being able to see in an instant who has updated! I also don't worry about adding a new blog because I have more time to read!

Suzanne said...

Love your CHS project. Made me get my mag out of the pile and take a look.
You have such lovely projects, I enjoy seeing what's next.

Dora said...

Your CHS alphabet is beautiful. I am in the process of framing the companion piece which has some lovely fall colors. I want to stitch this alphabet, too.

tkdquintmom said...

Lordy girl, you've been busy! I envy you for dying your own fabby. It looks great! I wish I could help you out with the tassel thing but if I don't make little 'x' fears me. Sewing machings hiss at me as I walk by! LOL...Love the work and 32 over one! OMG are you blind yet? LOL

Irene said...

Great finish and WIP.

karenv said...

I love the CHS sampler, the colours are wonderful,as is the backing fabric you've chosen :)

Creative Chaos said...

Wonderful stitching !!! Love the sampler !!
Patti xx

Shari said...

both pieces are beautiful Staci! I especially love the alphabet one!!! So pretty!!!!

Crazee4books said...

Hi Staci,

Your newest project from Grandma's
Kitchen is so pretty. The red
thread looks wonderful on the linen
that you dyed yourself. Such a
pretty design.

And the alphabet sampler is very
sweet too. I'd say it's colours
put me in mind of the Fall. The
fabric that you've chosen for
the backing is perfect. This'll
look fantastic finished as a pyn

Google Reader is a must have to
keep track of blog updates. I
wouldn't be without it now. I do
get behind sometimes, that can't
be helped, but it helps to
minimize the frustration and
confusion and makes sorting
things out a lot easier.

We're having a mostly rainy
weekend here, which means
being housebound and doing
things like reading, stitching
and watching bad movies (I
admit it - Xanadu) and blogging.
I'm loving it.


Stitchingranny said...

Two lovely wips there Staci, and thank you for the link to Grannys Kitchen where I not only downloaded that freebie but found a few more I liked too.

~Kim~ said...

I really enjoy your posts, but I only get as far as my Google Reader. So, I just had to leave a comment! I really love your finish! Cant wait to see your finish, finished. Your WIP, is great to!!


Jennifer said...

You should be able to transfer the blogs you have in Bloglines over to Google reader. Check on both sites to see if there are instructions you can follow - it could make your work so much easier!

Carol R said...

Your Alphabet Sampler is lovely and will look great made up as a pillow.

Lovely start on the Grandma's Attic freebit - your dyed fabric looks great.

Karol said...

Your stitching looks great! Wish I could give you some tips on the tassels but sure it will turn out great.

CJ said...

Staci -

You are a busy lady. Do you ever sleep? I love the sampler and the fabric you intend to use as a backer for the pillow. Thanks for info on Grandmas Kitchen.


~Julie~ said...

Hey Staci. I think you did a fabulous job on your linen-dying! It looks lovely, and it's definitely perfect for the design; beautiful stitching, too! Sheesh...okay I echo what CJ said---do you ever sleep, lady? LOL

I like your over 1 stitching also. I've made a few ornaments in the past over 1, but I always felt like I stitched...and stitched...and stitched...and then had this widdle teeny piece in the end. LOL =) Yours is darling though!! Must just be me. :sigh:

Thanks for sharing with us; fantastic job(s) yet again!! =)


Cricketstitch said...

I love your Alphabet Sampler, I am going to put this design on my to do list.

I have never tried to dye my own fabric. Yours looks beautiful, I really want to give it a try now.

I checked out Grandma's Kitchen, thank you for the freebie update.I have already found a few I want to stitch up.

Barbara said...

Oh boy, I see yet another back issue of JCS that I need to get my hands on! I love this! And I love your other selfish start. ;)

I use bloglines, but haven't found it frustrating. Am I missing something?

Hazel said...

Lovely pieces - esp CHS. Thanks for the freebie link. xx

Sandra Ree said...

And I thought I read too many blogs! Wow Staci, I'm impressed! Lovely work as always, and I'm very pleased to see you stitiching for yourself!!

Carla said...

Lovely finish and the backing fabric you chose is perfect!!

Sonda in OR said...

That's a cute little finish and I love that backing fabric!!

Michele said...

I really love your alphabet sampler, so pretty and delicate :)

and your dyed linen looks yummy!

hmmmmm, I'm going to have to check out googlereader some day :)