Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Midsomer Mitts; the pattern


~420 yds/100 gms fingering weight yarn

(sample knit with Heart & Sole by Red Heart, color # 3955 Mellow Stripe, 213yds/50gms, 2 balls)
~4 size 2 double pointed needles (or size needed to achieve correct gauge)
~12 inch length contrasting color waste yarn
~tapestry needle

Gauge: 7 1/2 stitches=1 inch in stockinette stitch

Measurements: 10 1/2 inches long and 7 inches (unstretched) around

Cast on 64 stitches. Divide 20 st on 1st needle, 24 st on 2nd needle and 20 st on 3rd needle. Join for knitting in the round, being careful not to twist stitches.

Round 1: *K3, P1*; repeat from * to end. Repeat rib for 8 inches.

Thumb opening: Next round; with a 12 inch length of contrasting waste yarn, *K3, P1* over 8 stitches. Slip these 8 stitches back onto left hand needle one at a time. Continue in *K3, P1* ribbing until hand measures 2 1/2 inches, or until mitt measures 10 1/2 inches from cast on edge. Bind off loosely.

Thumb: Pick out the thumb stitches from waste yarn and place these stitches on 2 double pointed needles. You will have 15 stitches total (8 on the bottom needle closest to cuff, 7 on top needle closest to fingertips.) Hold mitt with cuff closest to you and joining new yarn, *K3, P1* to end of needle #1 (8 st). Pick up 4 stitches along side of thumb opening and work in *K3, P1*. K3, P1 from top needle onto needle #2 (8 st). K3 from remaining needle and pick up 5 stitches along remaining side of thumb opening. Work last 5 stitches as *P1, K3, P1* (8 st on needle #3). Join in the round, 24 stitches total for thumb. Work in *K3, P1*; repeat from * for 10 rounds. Bind off loosely.

Weave in all ends.

Repeat for second mitt.

Copyright 2009 by staci @ snippetsandstash
All Rights Reserved


Shari said...

these are adorable Staci...thanks for the 'how to's'. I wonder if I could figure it out?!? These would be great!!!!

Susimac said...

Thanks so much Staci for the great pattern, and step by step instructions I will certainly be giving these a try.

saras said...

oh dear! I'm glad for the pattern, but it's the same as reading French to me! :) love them though!

Paula C. said...

Great job with the pattern! Now that I see the photos of the thumb I totally get it. Got my yarn last night and will start them this afternoon! Thanks for such a great pattern =)

Rachel D. said...

I'm not a knitting champion but I love these mittens.

corinna said...

great mitts
you can keep your hands warm and still thread needles and stitch
great colors too

Missy Ann said...

You rock. That is all. :D

Crazee4books said...

Hi Staci,

Thanks for explaining what DPN's
stands for.

I think I've mentioned before how
seeing all your wonderful socks,
scarves, mittens and sweaters has
got me wishing that I could knit
too. If time allowed I'd check
into classes at the wool and craft
shop here in town.

But time is in short supply around
here so I'll live vicariously
through you and your blog, and
continue to enjoy your knitting
projects in all their glorious
diversity and colors.

I do love those multi-colored
fingerless mitts. We need
bursts of color like that for
those dreary winter months
ahead. It looks like a very
pretty design. Good on you
for creating it, and for taking
the time to write it out and
post it here.

Are you still enjoying warmer
temperatures or has the weather
changed yet again???


Rūta said...


Ruth Rachel Vendsel said...

How beautiful, Staci! I wish I were a knitter ... perhaps someday! Love these cheerful colors.

Julie's Keepsakes said...

I absolutely adore these mitts. Question though...I've knitted one time in my entire life. It was a pot holder, of course. Would this be too challenging for me in your opinion?