Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Happy Wednesday!

Hello everyone!  Yes, the "clever title gods" have abandoned me.  It's late start day, so I'm just popping on here to show you one of my knitty finishes before I take the kids to school and do my volunteer stint with one of the boys' reading groups :)

One of the first additions I like to make to my fall wardrobe is a new scarf (or two, or three...)  And this one is a really fun, easy and quick knit.  I used 2 full skeins of yarn and wish I'd had about half a skein's an "ok" length, I just like mine a little bit longer.

Cable and Lace Scarf by Kimberly Powell
from the 2010 Knitting Calendar
yarn:  Country by Caron, color #0017 claret
2 skeins:  185yds/85g
needles:  sz 8

I've been doing the Sock-A-Month Knit-A-Long this year.  The only rule is to knit a pair of socks every month.  Joining has really boosted my sock production.  That and my desire to have a drawer like this.  I've knit a total of 30 pairs so far this year.  5 pairs are covering other people's feet, which means I've kept 25 pairs.  I'm totally obsessed and don't see myself stopping anytime soon, LOL!!!  (Maybe I'll never have to wear store-bought socks again?!?)

That's about it for my neck of the woods today.  I still have a couple more knitty finishes to share, but gotta get some pics first. 

We've been having the most wonderful fall weather!  The boys have been wearing shorts the last couple of days and there were a lot of people handing out candy on Halloween in shorts too...amazing!  I think I always had to wear a coat over/under the costume as a kid!!!  Hoping you're having a fantastic fall too!!!


deros said...

ohhh, how much socks:)))
skarf so beautifull!

Patty C. said...

The scarf is just beautiful !!

JelliDonut said...

I'm with you--I like my scarves on the long-ish side. Makes them more versatile, IMHO.

Julie said...

Super scarf, a lovely colour yarn and such a pretty design to keep you nice and snuggly in the winter weather

A girl can never have too many pairs of socks, knitting them is addictive once you get the hang of it.. i can vouch for that now i can actually make a pair :-)

Hazel said...

Lovely scarf and WOW at those socks. x

Vanessa said...

Your scarf is amamzing. Love the color. Nice job! So jealous!

Dee said...

Your socks look so pretty lined up that way. You'll have nice warm feet this year.

Congratulations on the finishes!

Sock-A-Month keeps me motivated too.

Annie said...

Gorgeous scarf! And your sock productivity is just amazing. Your needles must really fly!

Harmien said...

Looks like your sock drawer is already nicely filled!! Perhaps you're now aiming for "seasonal sock drawers"... ;o)... ? In any case, they do look fabulous and speaking from experience, your socks are exremely toasty and beautiful!! I'm going to soak up some sock inspiration from Annemarie tomorrow!

Jewleigh said...

That scarf is lovely! And those socks.. well, they speak for themselves :o)

valerie said...

The scarf is Beautiful! I love the colorway! And a drawer full of handmade socks?! You go Staci!

carol fun said...

oh I have found another hand knit sock afficianado! Your socks are wonderful! Such colorful smooshiness - There is something about sock yarn that is soooooo addicting. The scarf is very pretty. Anymore I look at scarves and shawlettes as other candidates for my ever increasing stash of sock yarn - LOL! Thanks for sharing.

Julianne said...


Your scarf is really pretty! I really thought it was a sweater when I first saw the picture.

Your sock collection is a feast for the eyes. Congratulations on all your lovely, completed pairs.

Beth said...

I too love socks. I was addicted to making them for a while there, you wouldn't believe how much sock yarn I had accumulated. I gave it all away though. I've been getting the urge to start working on some again. Do you do yours top down or toe up? I need to learn how to do toe up but it's scary to me, mostly the casting on. I would love a drawer of socks like that too!

Michele said...

love love love that scarf! and the socks are sooo yummy :)

Marjorie said...

Love that sock drawer, and your collection too! I'm begging everyone, please send me some of your fall weather--it'll be 96 degrees here today, bleh.

Bekca said...

The scarf is lovely, but I really like all of your socks! They must be the perfect item for this autumnal weather :) Happy crafting.

Siobhan said...

Gorgeous knitting, Staci! I love that scarf--the color is luscious.

Jennifer said...

Lovely, lovely knits. And I think I want a sock drawer like that, too. : )

Kielrain said...

Ooooh.... I love your line o' socks. envy.

Melanie said...

Fantastic pile o' socks!!! That's amazing that you have knit so many in one year. I think I've knit like 90 pairs total now, but it's taken me yearsss to get there!
Nothing better than handknit socks in the winter. :)

Nancy said...

I love your beautiful scarf Staci! The color is gorgeous. I would say you are well on your way to a drawer like that! How fun to have so many wonderful pairs of socks.

JOLENE said...

What a beautiful red scarf!!! And those socks...well they are funner than fun!!!! Smiles....

Virginia said...

Oh wow. Your sock collection is almost inspiring me to actually knit a sock.

Not quite there yet. Soon. Maybe. Maybe next year. Maybe. :)

My point is, your socks are lovely. So is your scarf.

Roberta said...

Great looking scarf and I just love your socks, they always look so neat, mine look limpy and out ofshape!!!

Happy Fall

Crazee4books said...

Hi Staci,

Oh!! Be still my heart!! A
beautifully knit, lacy scarf
that is not only gorgeous but
is also RED!! Love it!! You
have magic needles I think

And then there are the socks.
30 pairs?? In one year!!!
That's incredible. And look
at all those colors! How do
you decide which pair to wear?

Do you notice a difference
between store bought socks
and your knitted socks??
Aside from the fact that
yours are prettier I mean.

Our weather is getting a bit
cooler each day and we're
seeing frost on the car in
the mornings now. Halloween
was chilly and many of the
younger kids were obviously
wearing coats under their
costumes. Enjoy that nice
warm weather while you can.


Lois said...

Oh my, what a beautiful scarf! Gorgeous colour. Love the socks, all those colours - wonderful!

Sally said...

Your scarf is beautiful Staci. It's a gorgeous colour.

Wow that's a nice bunch of socks!

Cindy's Stitching said...

The scarf and socks are beautiful. I love socks. Wish I do those.

Blu said...

Gorgeous scarf! The red is so pretty.

You've got a yummy pile of socks!

Brigitte said...

I'd say you have reached your goal as I'm sure that all these great socks already fill a drawer, lol.
Very nice scarf.

Tanya said...

Look at ALL those socks!! You rock, Staci. You are THE knitting girlie.


Denise said...

Yummy scarf - love it! And all those socks - too much fun! Your toes have to be happy in those socks!

Smiles - Denise

Yarny Days said...

This is a beautiful scarf--in one of my fav colors.

Judy S. said...

What a pretty scarf! And all those socks; you must be a knitting whiz!

Nicole said...

What a beautiful scarf Staci!! I love it! And the socks!! Wow! I can't believe how many you have!